Kids Menu


Kids Meals

*Served with Fries, Kid’s soda, and a token for a free scoop of ice cream that you can redeem on this visit or at a later time!   

Mini Corn Dogs


Hot Dog

1 – $5.50

2 – $6.75


1 – $6.75

2 – $8.25

add cheese for $.25 

Corn Dog


Chicken Bites

8 – $8.25

10 – $9.25

Chicken Strips

3 – $7.00

4 – $9.50

The perfect place to bring your your young’uns …

If there is one thing we understand it’s how hard it can be to take your kids, grandkids, nieces and nephews, little brothers and sisters out to dinner. We’ve been the family sitting in the crowded restaurant waiting for food, kids bored and being loud, and those looks coming from every table that was within ear shot of us…but at The Ole’ Hitchin Post we have worked hard to create an environment that is completely family friendly. We have lots of space for your kids to run and play, and even have tons of fun games that you can grab and take to your table to play, like connect four, giant jenga, and books and board games. And we have some of the best kids meals around!! We can’t wait to see you and your entire family here with us at The Ole’ Hitchin Post.

Sincerely-The Ropp family and our entire team